Curriculum | Program Provisions

CURRICULUM. Our Toddler through Preschool and Junior Kindergarten** program and curriculum is developmentally based, meaning that new concepts and activities are introduced sequentially as the child becomes capable of grasping their meaning. A loving, nurturing environment is one where the child can truly grow to their own potential, which is what we strive to provide. Areas of concentration are:

  • Language Arts/Pre-Reading Skills: Vocabulary building, letter recognition (upper/lower case), letter sounds, rhyming, writing, and literature read aloud by the teacher
  • Math: Number recognition, color, shapes, counting,sequencing, sorting, and matching
  • Art: Drawing, coloring, painting, collage, and self-expressive projects
  • Science/Culture: Environment, cooking, animals, current events, and experiments
  • Music: Singing, dance/movement, and musical instruments
  • Dramatic Play: “Acting out” stories or careers, housekeeping
  • Motor Skills: Indoor and outdoor play

**Our Junior Kindergarten program/option will focus on expanding and enhancing existing academic capabilities, while enriching social and verbal skills.  It is our desire to instill confidence, competency, and independence for future life-long learning experiences.

PROGRAM PROVISIONS. There are 4 major programs, which are aimed at promoting the individual child’s intellectual, emotional, social, and physical development.

  1. Intellectual Development: A variety of learning materials are available. Daily readiness and pre-kindergarten activities are geared towards the respective age level and ability groupings. Arts and crafts projects, units on health, science, life, safety kids, culture, etc. are introduced.
  2. Emotional Development: Opportunity for individual self-expression, with respect for the individual’s background.
  3. Social Development: Guidance in getting along with one another. We encourage self-direction amongst the children, while allowing them the opportunity to achieve tasks independently.
  4. Physical. Various daily physical activities such as running, climbing, jumping, and light exercise. The child is also introduced to general health and nutrition, as well as the practice of good hygiene.